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Currently, many businesses have tried to apply AR for marketing campaigns and have achieved decisive success, changing a whole marketing industry and marketing trends around the world. And Octokit was born with the desire to help businesses deploy gamification campaigns that combine AR/Game easily and simply.

There are various ways to implement a marketing campaign, as well as hundreds of thousands of strategies. One of the most popular strategies is digital marketing, for it can be extremely cost-efficient for businesses when the marketing plan is implemented the right way.

While still catching up with virtual reality’s growth, augmented reality gradually proves that it can win the game. As many businesses have tried to apply AR for marketing campaigns and have achieved great success, changing the whole marketing industry and marketing trends around the world.


Octokit – Platform that provides 1000+ AR/Game templates

Through years of working with hundreds of brands and agencies, we – Marvy Co., the pioneer production house in the field of designing and developing novel and attractive AR / VR products to support marketing campaigns, conceived and developed a versatile tool that can help all brands to apply AR / Gamification to their marketing campaigns in a simple and economical way.

Trai Nghiem Ar Drone Show An Tuong Cung Bia Viet photo
The first AR Drone Show in Vietnam was developed by Marvy Co.


AR Filter

This is the first product that came out with Octokit, and most likely the most popular. With AR Filter, users can take selfies or record videos with augmented effects that overlay when the camera recognizes users’ faces.

AR filters, especially on Facebook & Instagram filters, have become so popular almost anyone can have access to them. Spend 10 minutes on Facebook, and you’ll most likely find at least 20 posts of your friends using AR filters. Given how widely used AR filters are these days, it is no surprise that marketers have been using filters as a hype booster in many marketing campaigns.

With Octokit, customers have many options and get suggestions on how to implement a specific marketing campaign not only with eye-catching design towards certain product groups but also interesting gameplay, enhancing the user experience.

In particular, with the AR filter models available at the platform, Marvy not only provides the usual AR face tracking (AR face tracking) filters. Attractive AR filters, combining many different types of technology, and helping customers’ marketing campaigns stand out with unmistakable differences is the top goal when we develop this platform.

The AR filter models at Octokit are also designed specifically for many important holidays. Brands can be applied and deployed for seasonal marketing campaigns such as the Lunar New Year campaign, Christmas, and Valentine’s day, … by changing the design according to the image of the product that the business wants to promote.

In addition, applying AR filters to marketing campaigns also helps businesses increase conversion rates when AR filters are proven to be a great help to customers to increase 95% the level of attention visually, and that’s 45% more efficient than television commercials. The application of AR in business also helps shoppers feel comfortable in choosing the right products, providing detailed product information, and suggesting suitable products for the consumer’s needs.


Types of AR Filters at Octokit

1. Interactive AR Filter

As the name suggests, this is an AR filter for campaigns that focus on increasing interactions between brands and customers. Users can trigger effects by actions such as blinking, smiling, tilting their head, etc. Interesting effects are tools that help brands shorten the distance with customers.

Besides, with the 24h Story feature, users can use filters and instantly post on social networks easily. From there, filter users can help the brand’s AR filter be spread and shared with more audiences. This is the reason why AR filter is considered a smart strategy to help brands increase effective brand awareness, in addition to the ability to increase interaction.


2. AR filter game

Game Filter is a form of interaction in the virtual environment that is somewhat more complicated when users can not only take selfies with filters but also play interesting games.

Using Spark AR’s recognition features such as facial recognition, hand recognition, or head, eye, mouth movements, etc. Octokit’s AIR filter games are a combination of many fascinating things, from exciting gameplay. taste, to the eye-catching design, how to use the template is simple and fast. With Octokit’s AR filter game, brands can effectively launch creative marketing campaigns, increase sales and increase brand awareness.


3. AR Try-on product

AR Try-on Filter is a type of Filter that allows users to try products right on their phones before making a purchase. With AR try-on, users can experience new products of the business in a more interesting and attractive way, for example, trying on glasses, beauty products such as lipstick, and blush, … with AR technology Face Tracking, or even Air Fryers or Hair Dye Cream. It can be said that businesses can use AR to visually present product uses to customers in addition to helping customers have interesting experiences, thereby promoting customers to approach advertising. in a more proactive way.


Mini Game

Mini games are simple games combined with branded images deployed on the web platform. Businesses just need to share the link of the game and the post on the business fan page to be able to launch an interesting marketing campaign. Not only helping businesses increase interaction with users, mini games are also a bright form of marketing because creativity and attractiveness are subtly combined.

It can be said that mini games both meet the entertainment needs of users and help businesses collect customer data by asking customers to choose to share information with you to get more games. confirm your identity to perform the steps to receive gifts from the program. In addition, brands can also leverage the power of social shares to increase brand awareness by encouraging customers to share their scores or winning images with hashtags. specifically designed for the campaign.

In addition, mini games are also a form of marketing to help brands educate customers and propagate the uses of products through visual design and gameplay.

In particular, mini games are the first choice of businesses around the world when they want to increase revenue through gamification marketing campaigns. With the feature of providing discount codes, vouchers, free goods, … as a reward for players. With the mini game templates at Octokit, Marvy provides customers with a highly secure CMS system. Through CMS, customers can post discount codes for their players. In particular, customers can also manage access and redemption history, as well as integrate the company’s sales website into the mini game.


Types of Mini Game ofOctokit:

1. Arcade game
Is a form of mini-game with a high complexity to stimulate a sense of satisfaction when the player achieves difficult “achievement”, a way to stimulate the happy hormone of strong personalities. Therefore, Octokit arcade games focus on the complexity of gameplay and scoring. Therefore, players need to achieve high scores to compete for rankings, the higher the rank, the better the chances of receiving rewards from the program.


2. Marketing game
With the goal of increasing brand awareness and increasing revenue, game marketing often focuses on visual design that can effectively convey the brand image. Besides, the gameplay used is usually simple gameplay such as a scratch voucher, shake voucher, and lucky spin, … Depending on the goal of the campaign, customers can choose the appropriate Mini game model and deploy with Deployment time minimized.


3. Puzzle game
As the name suggests, puzzle game, with traditional gameplay is to touch and drag until all elements in the game have satisfied all requirements to gain points from the game. With the Puzzle game templates from Octokit, customers can change the design with images from the brand and deploy it right on the business fan page.


4. Quiz game
With quiz game, players need to answer questions from the game to get bonus points. Typically, Octokit customers will use product questions about the product, the business, or the campaign theme and ask the player to answer by tapping the correct question.

With Octokit, customers have more than one choice as we also offer picture-matching quiz game templates. With a Photo quiz game, customers can launch a product design campaign or design a postcard.


AR Body Tracking

AR Body Tracking or AR Body Tracking Game is a form of AR game that recognizes human body movements such as arms, legs, hands, feet, elbows, and knees, … to activate special game features or effects. separate. With AR Body Tracking Game, customers can deploy AR games to increase interaction at offline events with large screens such as LED screens. Besides, brands can completely deploy AR games right at stores or shopping centers, and metro stations, … with photo booths.

With the AR Body Tracking models that Octokit offers, businesses can deploy with just the monitor, PC, and webcam without the need for Kinect like regular AR Body Tracking games.

AR Body Tracking is a great choice for marketing campaigns aimed at increasing store traffic when it allows the deployment of AR games multiplayer – AR Games for multiplayer with up to 5 people/turn play.

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