How to use gamification in marketing campaigns?

Gamification in marketing is the act of using interactive minigames with elements such as point scoring, challenging objectives, competing, leaderboard and rewards for marketing campaigns. Brands can implement gamification strategies for leveraging brand engagement, boosting sales and revenue, gaining positive brand’s impression, nurturing customers’ loyalty, collecting customers’ data and so on. But how can gamification […]

Efficient Marketing Campaign: Top 6 Mini-Games To Integrate with Brand Strategy

This article will focus on implementing mini-games in marketing campaigns and how to leverage the potential of gamification marketing to create engaging and unique experiences for both current and potential customers of the business. I. Why should you use mini-games in marketing? Increasing interaction and engagement on social media platforms Today, with the explosive growth […]

7 ways to implement a gamification campaign applying mini game

It has been more than two decades since the official online game was developed systematically and strategically. With undisputed entertainment, online games are not only used as a pastime of modern people, today, online games and their attributes are also applied to many other unrelated industries. such as commerce, education, and especially marketing. By taking […]

3 Main Products of Octokit – AR/Game Template Provider Platform

There are various ways to implement a marketing campaign, as well as hundreds of thousands of strategies. One of the most popular strategies is digital marketing, for it can be extremely cost-efficient for businesses when the marketing plan is implemented the right way. While still catching up with virtual reality’s growth, augmented reality gradually proves […]

Apply AR Filter To Increase Engagement For Marketing Campaigns

Nowadays, almost all business fields (eg. cosmetics, financial, banking, etc.) are or have been stepping up their marketing games. They no longer try to force their brand image into a mold, instead, they go bold and build a more dynamic image appeal to attract groups of young audiences who love creativity. And when it comes […]